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About Us

AFCG was established in 2011 with a desire to set the new Australian construction standard. Our company has solidified over time, having delivered outstanding results for numerous Residential, Commercial, Community & Aged Care and Government projects. The AFCG board consists of three executive directors who oversee specific divisions of the company based on their individual expertise.

The ongoing success of AFCG is driven by a passion to create something authentic and unique. We build from the ground up with our own hand-picked team to ensure quality results and satisfied clients. More than another construction company, AFCG offers a complete building solution based on integrated services fueled by professional responsibility.

Our Story

The success of AFCG is the professional manifestation of a tough personal story. After seeing villages flattened and livelihoods destroyed in his home country, CEO Zirian Fatah developed a deep desire to build something better for the next generation. “I’ve seen all these loaders and excavators being used to destroy people’s lives, growing up I understood what my passion was… I want to rebuild,” said Zirian

AFCG is a team of friends and associates, with Zirian starting the company with Alan Aziz, Executive Director. Alan and Zirian grew up as cousins in the construction sector, working on renovations for friends when they were young before moving on to professional projects. Sarbast, Alan and Zirian launch the AFCG company as, father, son and cousin all bringing their own unique skills to the table.

Since its humble beginnings, AFCG has been a family business with a large heart. The team behind the vision takes ultimate responsibility for the direction of the company, with everything starting from the top-down and everyone treated with respect. Transparency, integrity, and quality results are the real foundations of every build. Trust, honesty, and determination are the key values that inform every decision.

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    Our Executive Team

    • Zirian Fatah, CEO

      As CEO, Zirian is directly responsible for the strategic direction of the company. Zirian migrated to Australia in 1992 with his family, before going on to study Civil Engineering and Project Management at the University of Western Sydney and Sydney Institute and later completing a postgraduate diploma in Project Management. Zirian has extensive experience working in the construction field as a project director.

      In 2011, Zirian and other AFCG directors had a clear vision to amalgamate several successful companies and establish the Australian First Construction Group. From the outset, their intention was to create high-quality landmark buildings. With the best team, Zirian had a mission to create a new culture based on construction quality, safety, and sustainability.

    • Sarbast Fatah, Executive Director

      Sarbast Fatah has 25 years' experience working in the Australian construction sector. Over this long and distinguished career, he has managed a number of teams responsible for coating and finishing buildings of all sizes and scales. Vital in the establishment and strategic direction of AFCG, he continues to guide quality outcomes for each project.

      Sarbast is known for his quality standardsand strict attention to detail. He insists on using the best materials and practices for each build, and emphasises the importance of responsible workmanship throughout the lifecycle of each project. Highly active in the field and the boardroom, Sarbast serves as a moral compass for the entire team and is known for promoting fairness and responsibility in the workplace.

    • Alan Aziz, Executive Director

      Alan Aziz is experienced and highly qualified, holding Australian builders and carpentry licences. After 20 years' experience in the Sydney construction industry, Alan chose to specialise in construction management and gained valuable experience on a number of major commercial and residential projects.

      Alan was instrumental in establishing AFCG as a director of construction, and he continues to manage multiple on-site project teams. On-site, he prioritises a clean, tidy and functional workplace that respects both the health and safety of the workers and the integrity of the project. Alan believes in quality workmanship, the timely completion of each project phase, and an ongoing commitment to safety standards.

    Our Clients Testimonials

    • For the past years AFCG have been involved in a number of my projects including Design and Construction projects such as PIA Head Office – Olympic Park, Residential / Commercial mixed apartments located in Campsie and others.

      These projects were completed on time and within budget, very importantly, with great feedback from our large sales team. As the head contractor, AFCG repeatedly demonstrated efficiency, quality, and with integrity before, during and after the project completion.

      Justin Wang

      Managing Director - The Property Investors Alliance

    • We were extremely impressed with how AFCG delivered the projects as they were both completed on time and within budget. It was a pleasure to work with them on these projects as their professionalism, expertise and knowledge in construction allowed for affordable dealings which enabled these projects to be delivered effectively, efficiently and successfully between all involved parties. We found Australian First Construction Group Pty Ltd to be a very honest and reputable company, who approached every task with absolute care and professionalism.

      Johnny Portelli

      Managing Director - JPQS Pty Ltd

    • We have received many compliments from our staff and customers regarding the building of your property at 2-6 Messiter Street Campsie and we would like to convey these to you.

      We do appreciate that whilst undertaking the risky task of tower crane erection and dismantling that you undertook these outside business hours to alleviate any inconvenience or concern to us, at a cost to you.

      Thank you again for being supportive to our business whist carrying out the work.

      SAK Management

      Star Academy Kids