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If you are a developer, investor or landowner;

If you are a Developer, Investor or Landowner looking for;

AFCG has managed, designed and built across all phases of developments. Starting from DA only, to providing full CC and project handover – including projects up to 690 units. We’ve created a working culture based around excellence in order to deliver true high-quality outcomes working with our trusted partners to deliver projects with a passion. At AFCG we have the flexibility to provide solutions both large and small, from D & C only services to Co-development partnerships.

A builder to enter into a joint venture partnership or co-develop;

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A partnership arrangement provides skills to your team to drive the project in the right direction. By utilising our expertise early in the project you’ll be able to benefit from our experience and input around buildability, feasibility and outcome. As well as sharing the load of building costs and reducing funding requirements, we’re equipped to take total management of the project, essentially relieving you of the technical work, so you can focus on marketing.

AFCG understands the business and development cycle, our systems and processes ensures we are the right partner for those seeking a reliable and transparent business relationship. Feel free to contact our office to arrange a consultation.

A design & construct or a construct only option;

This is our bread and butter.
Through our professional services, time and cost analysis can be tailored to achieve a successful project giving you a clear, transparent understanding of the journey from where you are now to where you’d like to be with your project. The majority of developments are a success and we will guarantee our involvement will be the winning element in any feasible project. Occasionally some developments are not feasible and we won’t be shy in advising you in order to save you time and effort running around after false hopes.

If you’re just after general tips, but not intending to work with us, feel free to contact us for an obligation free chat. We are keen to see others around us succeed and if we can help with some simple advice from our experience, we’re happy to share our knowledge.

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